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Governance and Financial Information



The governing body provides non-executive leadership. Its role is to operate as a board akin to the board of trustees of a charity, or the board of directors of a company. In all matters, the ‘board of governors’ operates at a strategic level, leaving the headteacher responsible and accountable to it for the operational day-to-day running of the school.


“As the strategic leaders of their organisations it is vital that boards are connected with, and answerable to, the communities they serve, particularly parents/carers...

Boards should ensure that their organisation is regularly communicating with parents and carers and that parental engagement is used by the board to inform their strategic decision-making.”

Department for Education Governance Handbook (2019)


As a governing board we are answerable to all our stakeholders, and in particular to the parents and carers of the children who attend our school.  Clear and effective communication between governors, the school, and the home is essential to enable schools and parents to work together and thereby help our children achieve more. 

We therefore want to hear what you think of our school, both the good bits and any ways you think we could make it better.  We also want to hear any particular concerns or worries you may have – in many instances the staff and head teacher will be best placed to deal with these, but if there is anything specific you would like to tell us about then please do get in touch. 

You can contact the governors by email (see details below), grab us in the playground, write to us (letters can be handed into the school office) or sit down and chat with us at one of our soon-to-be-implemented once-a-term coffee mornings.   Certain governors have specific responsibilities that may be relevant to your question, or alternatively just get in touch with one of the parent governors whose primary role is to represent yourselves, the parents!   All emails and letters will be treated with full confidentiality and will be responded to by the governor(s) addressed.  

Thomas Berry (Parent Governor and Co-Chair)

Tom has been a police officer with the Metropolitan Police for twenty years, of which the last fifteen years have been leading Specialist Investigation units in the prosecution of Organised Criminal Networks and the highest harm offenders.  Tom has developed extensive safeguarding knowledge through his work with Domestic Violence Units and Youth Offending Teams, and with public and charitable sector bodies.  Tom joined the Governing Body in 2022, lives in Aspley Guise and has two children who attend the school.  

Natasha Clewley (Parent Governor and Co-Chair)

Nat joined the governing body in 2021.  She is a mum of three children with two at the school and lives locally. Nat is an accredited counsellor and clinical supervisor. Nat specialises in safeguarding, working with trauma, CYP issues (risk, abuse, self harm, etc.) and diversity and inclusion. She has taken a leading role in supporting practitioners in shaping counselling and support provisions for children and adults locally and at a wider level. Nat believes in balance, humanity and laughter. She wants to be a governor to see how she can help.  

Paul Dixon (Parent Governor)

Paul joined the Governing Body in 2021.  Paul is a Statutory Director and Chartered Accountant with ~20 years experience in top consultancy firms, publicly listed businesses, and high growth start up environments. He currently leads a ground-breaking health technology company, and has oversight for a wide range of activities including finance, HR, legal, governance, health & safety, premises, IT and information security.

Brian Glover (Co-opted Governor)

Brian joined the Governing Body in 2019 and is Chair of the Curriculum Committee.  Brian is retired, having spent 40+years working in education, including as Principal of a community college, a Chief Education Officer for a Local Authority, and a Project Director for a national school building project. He also worked in the private sector advising multinational companies about their engagement with the government, both national and local.

Emma Gray (Staff Governor)

Emma has a degree in Drama and went on to complete her PGCE in primary school teaching. Emma has taught at Aspley Guise for 5 years and is currently the year 2 teacher. She has a love for all things English and has been the English lead at school since September 2022. Having just joined the  Governing Body in April 2022 she looks forward to supporting the school further. 

Lorraine King (Co-opted Governor)

Lorraine joined the Governing Body in 2016 and acted as Chair of Governors for the last four years before standing down in January 2022.  She lives in the village and her son attends the school. As a governor, it is most important to her that the children who go to Aspley Guise are happy, healthy and successful.

(Local Authority Governor)

 There is a currently a position available as our LA governor. 

Matt Lonsdale (Parent Governor)

Matt joined the Governing Body in 2018 and is the School’s Sports Governor. Matt has worked in financial services for 20 years, both his children have attended Aspley Guise School, and when he’s not working or parenting he likes to go out cycling.

Eleanor Shawcross Wolfson (Parent Governor)

Eleanor joined the Governing Body in 2020 and is the SEN Governor. She is also a Trustee of COSMIC, a charity which supports the neonatal and paediatric intensive care units of Imperial Trust. Previously Eleanor was on the board of BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. Eleanor has spent her career in public policy, working at HM Treasury, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Department of Work and Pensions.

There are currently two vacancies as a Co-opted Governor.



Financial Information

Information on how the school spends relative to other schools can be found here

No employees have a salary greater than £100,000/year. 

The school can provide paper copies of any documents shown on the website, free of charge. However, in making any such requests, we ask that you consider the administration associated with this alongside the environmental impact of asking for print rather than accessing the documents electronically.