Aspley Guise Village School

Aspley Guise Village School

Growing Together, Aiming High

Mission Statement

Here at Aspley Guise we believe that educating a child is a bit like growing a tree. With a safe space to grow in, and enough food, water and sunshine, a tiny sapling can grow into a giant oak with a root system that is strong enough to break through rocks and withstand the wildest of storms, while it's leaves and branches change with the seasons and provide shelter and nourishment for a whole community of birds and animals.

We believe that education should be a similar process. We provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where your child can start their learning journey. By inspiring and engaging their minds, we help your child to grow their own strong roots that will support them as they grow into young adulthood. Roots that will help them weather life's storms while they reach for the sky.

How do we do this?

By creating a space where your child will flourish both physically and mentally, where they are challenged to grow both their minds and bodies, and where staff work hard to create a life-long passion for learning.

By helping them to identify and realise their potential across a broad range of academic and non-academic subjects and extracurricular activities. If we succeed in doing this, we believe we can grow resilient children with a strong sense of self, but who are also rooted in their school community and engaged with their family, the people around them and the world in which they live.

To read more about how this is achieved, please do visit Our Curriculum. It gives more information on how we weave The Human Givens into our school's four key aims:

Aiming High

Growing Together


Safe and Well